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alterHome® mobility

Do you need a studio, an apartment, a home or an office for a month or more? alterHome® offers you a large range of solutions to suit your immediate needs or your carefully planned departures.


Many reasons may lead you to consider a temporary accommodation:


A transfer, an university exchange, an internship, a co-op, a research mission, a new job or an everyday life problem such as a separation, a hospital accompaniment, a delay in the delivery of your new apartment ...


alterHome® offers you the best, tailor-made conditions, as an alternative to other standard housing companies.


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Who are we?

For over 20 years, alterHome® has been offering solutions for owners and residents of furnished accommodation, on a temporary, short or medium term lease. alterHome®’s team is creative, multicultural and professional, with a wide range of new skills. alterHome® ensures a local presence in major cities through its concierge and in more remote locations by organizing the link between owners and residents, individual to individual. Our headquarters coordinates the process through our dedicated advisors.


The properties are mainly located in the heart of the cities or near the centers of activity, offering the best quality / price ratio. Our range of additional services frees owners and residents from complicated and time consuming tasks.


alterHome®’s advantages

  • Simple: an easy search, registration and booking of your furnished accommodation.

  • Practical: a remote booking of carefully preselected and verified properties.

  • Guaranteed: Satisfied or Relocated®, Rent and Degradation, Solutions and Reactivity (exclusive commitments for our PIED'A TERRE® package).

  • Economic: unique services, offering a saving of time and money on the move.

  • Customized: Responsible and dedicated personal advisors to your needs and expectations.

  • A little something more: optional services “à la carte”.

Our alterHome® philosophy

  • Free membership for owners and residents and a model for every situation.

  • Sharing of knowledge and experience to better meet market expectations of furnished accommodation.

  • Everyone’s responsibility. Partners, owners and residents undertake to respect the agreements made.

  • Excellence and attention: we are proud of our identity and our signature.

  • Transparency, responsiveness, and if necessary mediation.


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